Upgrading Power Levels of 7.3L Diesel Trucks

Ford 7.3L Powerstroke diesel trucks can be upgraded for better performance and increased power levels. The aftermarket kit needed is a specialty one due to the style of the truck body. The 7.3L was replaced by the 6.0L in 2003 to comply with lower emissions regulations. While many of the old body style (OBS) are still on the road, most kits are manufactured for the newer trucks. One company, driven diesel, manufactures a kit for upgrading the fuel system of the 7.3L.

Everything Needed

The Driven Diesel COMPLETE OBS Electric Fuel System includes everything needed to provide consistent fuel pressure for more power from the engine. The regulated return kit, electric fuel pump, and fuel filters are included as parts of the kit as are the required hardware and fittings. Detailed instructions arrive with the kit, and demonstration videos are offered on the website. The kit can be installed by the vehicle owner with the proper tools, or it can be taken to a local shop for installation.

A Host of Aftermarket Kits

Diesel engine enthusiasts purchase cars and trucks for the extra power but, sometimes, that is not enough. Aftermarket kits, parts, and accessories allow owners to transform ordinary diesel engines into faster, more durable, and more efficient ones for extreme activities. The demand for aftermarket products is rising as diesel drag racing, exploring off-road environments, and wilderness camping are gaining popularity. Currently, there are over seventy different brand names offered in the aftermarket product industry.

Getting Them

Some kits and parts will be found in local repair shops and automobile parts stores. The selection will be limited due to space, and the latest products may not be available. Searching online is a better way to find what is needed and desired in terms of aftermarket items. Pricing will be lower, the choices will be greater, and some kits and programming software can be customized.

Compare a few websites, determine how long the sites have been operating, and go with a site that has experienced staff members to answer questions and make recommendations. New products are being added constantly, so the possibilities for upgrades and accessories are virtually endless.


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